Instagram will soon allow all users to filter and block comments

Instagram will soon add a new feature that will grant all of its users the ability to moderate the comments on
their posts. According to the report, High-profile accounts will be the first to get the feature as it
goes live in the coming weeks, as this gives Instagram the most valuable
feedback in the shortest amount of time. All users will see changes to
their comments in the coming months.

With this feature, Users will be allow to filter the comments in
their thread, and will also give the option to completely turn off
commenting on specific posts. It is possible the feature is already live
on some accounts, and by the sounds of it the options will roll-out to
other accounts on an extended basis rather than in one large batch.

The idea is to put moderation in the hands of the individual account
owner; what one person finds acceptable another may find offensive, and
so each person can choose which words and comments are appropriate on
their own posts. Instagram is just one of many social networks that has
been faced with the issue of stopping abusive users without treading on
any toes.

Source: Washington Post


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