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How To Share 9Mobile Data/Megabytes For November 2019

How To Share 9Mobile Data/Megabytes For November 2019

9Mobile formerly Etisalat is one of the major Internet Service Providers we have in Nigeria and am sure that many of you would testify to it that 9Mobile providers superfast broadband Internet connection across the Nation. {How To Share 9Mobile Data/Megabytes For November 2019}

9Mobile offers but Voice and Data services across the nation and the interesting thing about 9Mobile data package is that you can share with friends and family.

How To Share 9Mobile DataMegabytes For November 2019

Well, I discover that some users don’t know about the sharing of data in 9Mobile. so that’s why I will be sharing with you on how you can share 9Mobile data/megabytes for this year 2019. {How To Share 9Mobile Data/Megabytes For November 2019}


However, it will be good for you to know that 9Mobile T&C before you can share their data, some the Terms and Conditions include:

  • You can only share from your purchased megabytes which simply means that you cannot share from bonus data.
  • The minimum amount of data you can share at once is 10MB and the maximum is 50MB
  • You must have an extra data balance of 100MB before you can use the share data feature. For instance, if you have 150MB in your data balance and you want to share data with your friends therefore only 50MB could be sent.
  • Lastly, immediately your data plan gets expired, the shared data will also expire.

Let me assume that you already digest the above T&C, so let’s begin!!

How To Share 9Mobile Data/Megabytes For November 2019

To share megabytes on 9mobile, kindly dial *229*PIN*MB* 9Mobile Number#

Please note that the default PIN is 0000 and you can use it as your transfer PIN. You can also change the data transfer PIN by dialing *247*default PIN* new PIN* new PIN# if you are changing it for the first time. But if you have changed it before, dial 247*old PIN* new PIN* new PIN#.

Guys, that’s all about sharing data/megabytes on 9mobile 2019. If you have further questions, kindly use the comment section.


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