Matibabu mobile App: Test for Malaria without extracting Blood

Need to test for Malaria but skeptical about drawing blood for a sample? Well, Matibabu Mobile App is here to take away that fear. The name doesn’t sound usual right? Matibabu is a Swahili name which means “Treatment”.

Matibabu mobile App: Test for Malaria without extracting Blood

The Bloodless Malaria Test Kit consists of the Matibabu Mobile App and a finger clip housing a light scanner, and the usage is very easy.

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Put your finger in the clip, it will beam a red light through your finger to detect changes in the colour, concentration, and shape of your red blood cells. Matibabu mobile app gives you a diagnosis, based on the information retrieved from the scan. Another exciting benefit is, it takes just one minute for you to get your result. Awesome right!

Matibabu mobile App: Test for Malaria without extracting Blood

Presently, Matibabu is still undergoing health regulatory approval and its not available for users, but with all the benefits, when it finally makes it to commercial production, it will prove to be a welcome development form Africa. It is fast, non-invasive, safe, pocket-friendly, and reusable.

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Other Features of Matibabu
🔄 It produces sounds that chase away mosquitoes similar to what we have on the LG K7i smartphone.
🔄The App proves useful information on Malaria prevention.
🔄Your information can be uploaded to Cloud, for future use.

It will also thrill you to know that the Matibabu bloodless Malaria kit was developed by a group of Ugandan students in their early twenties which shows the future of Technology is bright in Africa.


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