Reasons why your Samsung Smartphone won’t receive an Update!

We all know Google to be the root of Android Operating Systems and they do announce new Android version each year. The company does give out mandate informing all the Smartphones company to release timely updates for their products.

Reasons why your Samsung Smartphone won’t receive an Update!!!

And also the Android developers do ask different OEMs to push out updates to mend any loopholes and for better user experience.  Upon this, not all the smartphone makers do follow Google’s timely update policy and mandates. This includes Samsung, the company is the biggest Android manufacturer and well known for not giving out updates for its old smartphones.

In view of this, there was a court case by the consumer association which dragged Samsung to court for not offering software updates for its smartphones for at least four years after the launch and whereas Samsung won the case with the court ruling in favor of the company for not updating its old smartphones. The court gave the verdict in favor of Samsung by concluding that the argument forwarded by the association is “inadmissible” because it referred to “future acts.”

The court also said that Samsung can roll out software updates for its smartphones on some occasions, just in case of a loophole or malware attack that can be fixed through a software update.

However, Samsung does believe that the update cycle of two years is enough for the smartphones that are being produced by the company.

Software updates have always been an issue as the smartphone makers generally don’t roll out the updates on time. We should also note that some OEMs generally offer an update for two years and only Google offer updates for three years after launch.

Let us have a look at some of the Samsung old phones that are likely not to receive software updates;

Have you been checking times without number for the Software update on your Samsung Smartphone but you keep getting “Current software is up to date or there is no update available for your device? Well, there hasn’t been a specific list of Samsung old smartphones that will no longer receive software updates but based on the information on the ground and the general knowledge that Samsung only rolls out updates for the period of two years for its smartphones accordingly, so we can actually say that the devices within the year range of 2010 – 2015 will no longer receive software update (Note that this is not confirmed by the company).


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