Facebook to build $1bn data center in Singapore

Facebook has announced its plan to build the first data center in Asia, and the location for the project will be Singapore. The location is fitting since World Bank picked the country as the top Asian country for business. This will be an exciting news for the country as the data center will provide hundreds of jobs.

Facebook to build $1 bn data center in Singapore

If everything goes as planned, the data center should be operational around 2022 and will host Facebook servers and centralize its IT operations. This information was made known by Facebook Vice President of infrastructure data centres, Thomas Furlong.

Like all of Facebook’s data centers, this one will stand at  11 stories high with 1.8 million square feet and will run on 100% renewable energy. One feature that will be new will be the StatePoint Liquid Cooling system, which is expected to minimize water usage and power consumption. The object of the new system is to reduce the amount of peak water used in climates like Singapore’s by 20%.

There are many factors that make Singapore a perfect location for the data center, some include robust infrastructure and access to fiber, a talented local workforce, and a great set of community partners. The construction company in charge of the building project will be Fortis Construction, a company that provides construction services on general contracting basis in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The data center will help people stay connected with friends and family, discover what’s happening in the world, and share and express what matters to them.

Other data centers are located across the United States and in Europe. Its first was in Prineville, Oregon. Now, Facebook is joining other tech giants in Singapore, where Google already has two data centers and plans for a third.



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