SanDisk’s monster 1TB microSD now available for sale

There was a time when we thought having more than 1GB of external storage space for a phone is a waste of resources. Like what do we need it for? When the highest size of games on a Java phone is just around 899KB and images size is just around 32KB. Suddenly,that as seems to be the story of the past. Now, we are more hungry for more storages space than ever before.

Now, SanDisk has made available the first world 1TB microSD card. This gigantic 1TB microSD card is now available for purchase via SanDisk’s website,Amazon and B&H at a token price of $450 (N162,000 in Nigeria currency).

The SanDisk monster 1TB card is rated UHS-I U3 and V30, meaning it can handle 4K video recording and transfer speeds of up to 90MB/s for sequential reads and 60MB/s for writes. For use in apps, the card bears the A2 rating (guaranteed 4,000 IOPS random reads and 2,000 IOPS writes).

The 1TB monster card is said to be compatible with all smartphones that support 512GB microSD cards which are only available to flagships devices.

The question is, what do you need that amount of storage for in a phone?

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