See how to know if your WhatsApp has been hacked

I’m quite sure that you all are aware of the latest cyber attack that hit WhatsApp recently which in one way has affected millions of users across the world.

The attacker, NSO Group has successfully hacked WhatsApp and infected it with spyware, a dangerous voice call exploit allowed malicious parties to load NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware onto Android and iOS devices.

According to our earlier report, the exploit allows hackers to install spyware on a person’s phone through an infected WhatsApp voice call, even if they do not answer the call. It allows hackers to delete calls from logs, access users’ cameras, and microphones, and uncover their location and messaging information.

The annoying part of all is the fact that you can’t specifically know if you are part of those that have infected with the dangerous spyware but an expert group has suggested a meaningful way that can help you to know if you have been hacked or not.

So, what are the likely signs that you are among those hacked or vulnerable to the spyware?

How to know if your WhatsApp has been hacked;

1. Look for sudden changes in your mobile device.

2. Check if your battery usage changed significantly without a change in how you use your phone.

3. Check if your device is running hot.

4. Check if your data usage has suddenly increased significantly.

But if you’ve not received any WhatsApp voice calls or dropped calls from unknown parties, then you are most likely not been hacked.

However, it is wise for you all to update your Whatsapp to the latest version both Android and iOS users in other to be on the safer side.



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