Huawei launches Kirin 810 chipset with 7nm octa-core and DaVinci NPU

Huawei has today in China launched the successor of their Kirin 710 introduced in 2018 known as Kirin 810 SoC which is dedicated for mid-range smartphones. It is also built on the same 7nm manufacturing node as the flagship Kirin 980.

Huawei launches Kirin 810 Chipset with 7nm octa-core and DaVinci NPU

The main technical features of this new chipset Kirin 810 SoC include:

  • 7-nanometer manufacturing process
  • Octa-core: two ARM Cortex-A76 cores at 2.27 GHz + six ARM Cortex A-55 cores at 1.88 GHz
  • Arm Mali-G52 MP6 GPU, with 162% higher performance than the previous generation
  • Support for Kirin Gaming + technology for improved game quality, light-dark contrast and sharpness of images

The SoC contains an octa-core CPU and a Mali-G52 MP6 GPU. The CPU consists of two high-performance ARM Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2.27GHz and six smaller ARM Cortex-A55 cores ticking at 1.88GHz.

The most important innovations concern the NPU, based on the Huawei Da Vinci architecture which in turn refers to the Quantitative Stereo Arithmetic Unit of the Rubik’s Cube capable of outperforming the Snapdragon 855 and MediaTek Helio P90 in AI-related tasks.

Huawei is particularly proud of its flagship-grade IVP + ISP with upgraded pixel processing unit, improved white balance algorithm and noise reduction in RAW image processing. It should help the camera deliver more detailed low-light images.

Huawei launches Kirin 810 Chipset with 7nm octa-core and DaVinci NPU

The chipset also scores excellent performance also from the point of view of the SoC. Huawei reports that:

According to Huawei, the chipset has an excellent benchmark score which the result is available below:

  • on Geekbench the Kirin 810 achieved 11% (single-core) and 13% higher than the Snapdragon 730
  • on GFXBench, the Manhattan 1080p test showed a GPU frame rate 44% higher than the Snapdragon 730 and 15% better in the T-Rex 1080p test

In summary:

  • Kirin 810 can reduce the overload of the graphics card, speeding up the transfer of data between it and the CPU and the internal memory of the smartphone
  • image processing “at the top-of-the-range level”: updated pixel processing unit , improved white balance algorithm, RAW noise reduction
  • IVP and ISP guarantee excellent results even in low light conditions

The first smartphone to have the Kirin 810 under its hood is Nova 5, and it will be present in other Huawei and Honor devices that will be released in the future.




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