Glo N1000 For 10.4GB Data, How To Activate It

Glo N1000 For 10.4GB Data, How To Activate It

If you are wondering why Glo is called the Grand Master of data here in Nigeria then this post should convince you enough. With just N1000 you can get whopping 10.4GB data on a continuous level. This is not new tho but for the sake of those that might not be aware of it, so I decided to share it with you again.

In August 2018, Glo introduced a packaged known as Glo OGA SIM. This package gives over 125% data bonus to all subscribers over the standard data package on their subscriptions but how does it connect to the N1000 for 10.4GB data package? Below is the full gist.

How To Get N1000 For 10.4GB On Glo

Just like I said earlier, the Glo OGA SIM gives bonus on airtime recharge. Now, you need to buy a new Glo OGA SIM card and recharge the SIM with N1,000 airtime and you be given N5,000 worth of airtime.

With the N5000 airtime, you will able to use N2000 to call all networks while the remaining N3,000 can only be use to call Glo to Glo but who cares about calling?

So now, use the N1000 recharge to subscribe Glo 3.6GB data plan by dialing *127*53#.

Here’s the big deal; After you subscribe to the above data package then renew the data package with another N1000 before it expires, you would be given 10.4GB data.

Glo N1000 For 10.4GB Data, How To Activate It

Note: It is important you recharge N1,000 on your SIM card before the first data subscription expire to allow auto-renew or dial *127*53# after three weeks of the first subscription to renew it again yourself.



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