N10 promo offer crashes OPay server

OPay has today suffered nationwide server downtime which results in many users unable to access or use the app.

This happened after declaring today has ‘Oride day’ which intense to offer a massive discount promo of N10 for the first trip used on the app today.

OPay had earlier notified their customers to be patient with them due to the scarcity of riders. It was learned that they received a big number of new customers who joined their service because of the N10 promo offer earlier today.

N10 promo offer crashes OPay server

Many users have taken to the popular microblogging platform known as Twitter to share their experience as they have been logged out of the app and unable to perform any transaction on the app.

However, OPay has acknowledged the issue and they claimed to be working on it as of the time of filing this report.

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